Reversal of fortunes enough to get on Midhurst’s Wick

SIX weeks after winning 4-2 at Wick, Midhurst found the tables turned when the same opposition visited them and won 5-2 in division two of the Sussex League.

Midhurst brought in Jamie Angel, Harry Maneh and Andy Newton but were soon on the back foot – with six minutes gone Michael Asare netted for Wick, with Gregg Jordan adding to it a few minutes later.

Midhurst were without their regular goalkeeper but stand-in Polish keeper Seb Newick did well after a nervous start.

Asare made it 3-0 while Wick keeper Andy McCarthy kept Midhurst out. Midhurst forced three corners in quick sucession, none of which brought goals.

On 76 minutes Keiron Playle-Howard increased the visitors’ lead. A newcomer to Midhurst lifted the home supporters’ spirits as Harry Maneh scored a well-taken goal.

Maneh scored his second ten minutes later to make it 4-2.

But Gregg Jordan outran the Midhurst defence to bring the final score to 5-2 to Wick.

MIDHURST: Newicki, Castleton, Dummer, O’Callaghan, Nazir, Saunders, Angel, Buller, Maneh, Dreckman, Pearce. Subs: Sheldrake, Newton.