Footballers recovering from devastating Chichester fire - and now want to say thank-you

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After a devastating fire that ravaged premises used by Whyke United FC at Prebendal School, the club want to thank everyone who supported them afterwards.

A spokesman said: “It has been so touching to see the whole community come together to keep the club going. We have replaced all the equipment that was damaged and are looking forward to the new season starting at the beginning of September.

“We have teams from under-sevens through to a men’s team and all were affected by the fire, but we have rebuilt and thanks to kind generosity have been able to continue to provide football.

“The Facebook page raised more than £1,000 and other donations to the club brought in another £1,500, meaning we reached our target to replace the essential items needed to start the season.

“We are contiuing to raise funds to support the new building and replace many of the fixtures and fixing such as noticeboards and kitchen equipment and will be having a grand draw and fun day on Sunday (September) 1 at Prebendal school playing fields.

“We would love to have members of the community come to support this event and find out more about the club in general. We still have spaces for new players so this is a good opportunity to meet the teams and coaches and see the club as a whole.”

For more information, please contact Martin Tucker on 07903 339629.