Chichester students (just) survive trip to ‘killing fields’

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At 4am on a Sunday morning, most students (and people in general) are sound asleep. But at that very time, a select team of 15 University of Chichester students were embarking on their journey to Perton, Staffordshire for the world-renowned Tough Guy challenge.

Following a four-hour journey and the consumption of several kilos of pasta, the team arrived for one of the toughest endurance races in the world - designed to push competitors to breaking point.

While an eight-mile cross-country run in freezing temperatures may seem like a challenge in itself, competitors also had to negotiate an horrific array of obstacles including barbed wire, sub-zero water tunnels, cattle prods, and 40ft A frames, adeptly known as the killing fields.

Battling through these, wannabe tough guys expect to be bruised, cut, burned, and even suffer the odd broken bone or two. For more than a third of the 6,000 competitors taking part, the finishing line was a step too far, with hypothermia, cramp and physical exhaustion taking its toll.

Yet, after months of gruelling training, the Chichester team displayed huge determination to overcome the fear-ridden course.