You do the maths over town crime rate

TO SAY I feel let down and angry AGAIN is putting it lightly. When reading the article about the increase of crime in our area and for us to understand why this might be happening, we have to first of all understand that this has nothing to do with the huge increase of Eastern European population, populating our county.

Only the other week I was reading the front page of the Chichester Observer stating how businesses in Chichester centre have noticed a huge drop of petty crime, break-ins etc since some of the illegal Eastern Europeans have been deported and there were more to follow.

Now, am I confused or I am confused? Who are we to believe? One thing is for sure: we have many unsavoury individuals roaming our area around Bognor. We see them sleeping rough, leaving their litter and drunk during the day – we see more Eastern Europeans behaving as such then our fellow men. If you disagree with this you must be walking around with blindfolds on.

Please carry on as you did in your home country.

Lisbeth Gjetnes


Bognor Regis