Yobs rule the world

In the hope the yobs who marauded west towards Rose Green and Pagham on the beach about 10pm last Friday may be able to read, or that their families may take the Bognor Regis Observer and read the letters, I shall be pleased if you will publish my good wishes to them to enjoy a pleasant and destructive half-term holiday, putting the elderly in fear and damaging their property.

May they be left, in the normal way, untouched by the police to roam around trashing cars and property with impunity and truly enjoy a smashing holiday.

Last Friday, a bunch of this rabble entered my garden from the private beach and tore down the Union flag, which I am proud to fly as an Englishman, and broke off the flag mast.

That will cost me a great deal of money to replace and, meanwhile, fishermen in small boats and walkers who use it as a marker point and wind indicator are without that aid. It will be raised as soon as repairs can be completed.

“Did you report it?” I was asked. “No” was the answer, for the last time a bunch of louts – male and female – trampled through our gardens, damaging plants and boats, several DID report the incident.

Eventually, after an initial refusal, a police car with two PCs arrived via a ‘false’, they said, burglar alarm in an unoccupied house nearby which had been attended. Undoubtedly triggered by the same yobs.

We photographed them all, but the police ended up investigating us for a false claim that we had assaulted them.

I am not shy about repeating the old sentiment of what did we fight for during two world wars?

I lost my father for eight years and I and my two brothers served in the Korean war. Why? To grow older and be attacked and abused by those who may have known a very different England – or none at all?

Rabble without respect; trash without regard for the property of others and filth undoubtedly living off benefits paid for by us.

We never cease to pay the bills as yobs are allowed to rule the world in England and the elderly are trodden into the ground or become the ‘criminals’ the moment they are so stupid as to complain!

And that is why our chief constable and the home office are able to continue to tell us crime is decreasing and they are doing a wonderful job. Utter rubbish. The public know it is a waste of time and no longer have any respect for the police. And I am a one-time detective sergeant from elsewhere.

Richard Ostler