Wrong tone

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I was not disappointed by the length of Mr Cosgrove’s response to my letter, as this was what I had predicted in my previous letter, but was very disappointed at the tone of his letter.

I did not in my letter give any indication, Mr Cosgrove, you should not write to the readers’ letters, nor did I say that your political opinions were wrong. What I did say was you have foisted your political opinions on the readers – many of whom, like me, are a little tired of it, and that may be time for you to perhaps write something which the majority of readers of the letters page may find of interest.

The contents of the response from Mr Cosgrove was one I find rather surprising, in that he has likened me to a citizen of Lybia or Syria and a supporter of their regime .

How can he make this personal attack on my goodself without any substance? This, I can only surmise, is because he is a bully and cannot take criticism. How sad.

Mr Cosgrove again lists his good works in his response. I did not bring these into question, so why mention them – unless he was trying to boast about his standing in the community? It is obvious he has not heard the expression ‘self-praise has no honour’.

Finally, in his last paragraph, he chooses to make use of my surname to make a sarcastic point. Rest assured, in my response I have not resorted to any sarcasm, as this is the lowest form of wit.

Jim Frame,

Wick Lane,