Will trees survive?

YOUR report on the dangers again threatening this valuable green lung at St Pancras was very timely (Chichester Observer, December 15). Some trees certainly need to be pruned and one or two to be removed, but it is very much to be hoped that this necessary tidying-up is not a precursor of building at a later date and that development can – for the fourth time – be averted. Time will show.

There is one point in your otherwise good report that needs to be clarified, namely that the piece of land in question was sold and the plot divided well before the present owners of number 118 acquired the residence.

In their deed of purchase these owners entered into an apparently legally-binding agreement with the vendors providing that, if Berkeley Homes did not get planning permission, the land would be rejoined with the house and preserved (unbuilt) for posterity.

This agreement was unfortunately set aside at the very last minute, when Berkeley Homes assigned its option to a third party. The result is that hopes of recreating the Edwardian Garden, and in due course bequeathing it to the city, have been thwarted. For many, this is a matter of considerable regret.

Dr Alan Russell

Stirling Road,