Will multiplex ruin the Picturedrome?

ANOTHER really important full council meeting on Wednesday, March 7: it started badly as the usual crew told us all about the doom and gloom a new cinema would bring to Bognor Regis. We don’t want progress, we don’t want anything, I thought I heard – only the university changed things to an upbeat theme, followed by the youth council and the Regis Theatre – positive comments, progress and hope at last.

We had a very upbeat and excellent presentation on regeneration in Bognor Regis by the developers. Fantastic ideas and well thought-out, a way forward at last, a no-brainer as someone said.

But no, same old councillors were there, the usual ‘object to everything’ crowd, pouring cold water over plans, fighting over this point and that word, arguing that after ten, or was it 30 years, only they knew what was best for Bognor Regis. No, you don’t, said another, only I know what is best, no, it’s me, please sir, it’s me, said squeaky (or was I just dreaming that part) and so it went on and on and on – no vision, no ideas, just years of the same gloomy experience.

Well, if they knew ten years ago, why were we all sitting there? What had they changed or achieved in ten or was it 30 years? Was doom and gloom once again about to spread over a fantastic town like Bognor Regis?

And then this morning I opened the Observer: what a change, what colour, what hope, so all is not lost after all. The clowns looked fantastic, despite the rain last weekend, all’s right with the world once again. Then fantastic news reports on regeneration, an excellent article from the developer willing to invest £40m in Bognor Regis, yes, that’s 40 million pounds, with 450 new jobs being created and an excellent article on ‘supermarket cash’ from Kevin Smith, and what great ideas from ordinary people.

I thought I had some good ideas, but just take a look at those suggested by Will Harvey and Abby Wilkinson from Loosemarbles in Felpham, what vision, what interesting, exciting and new ideas for Bognor Regis. If they are not at the forefront of ideas, then we will all be the losers. I bet they have not been councillors for ten or was it 30 years!

Cllr Phil Hitchins

Aldwick West Ward