Why we’re objecting

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I feel my husband and I are very well qualified to respond to Alice Crandford’s letter about the Aldmonington greenhouse project. Both our families moved to the land settlement both before and after the war.

We live and have worked our own smallholding since 1979.

One thing the letter does not state is that all large firms, such as the proposed 88 acres of glass, have achieved is that all the families such as ours have been put out of business. So the suggestion the 65 jobs could make up for the loss of many more jobs and livelihoods is ridiculous.

Secondly, the LSA provided housing and independence for those who were prepared to work hard. We object to the claim we live in hallowed halls – we live in normal homes – and that we have objected on ‘odd grounds’ such as traffic.

Ours is a narrow country lane where two large lorries could not pass one another.

Our biggest objection is to the declassification of prime grade one agricultural land which will be lost for ever to turn it into brownfield factory-farmed lettuce production.

David Cameron’s idea of the Big Society would mean giving the people who would be badly affected by such planning permission being passed the entitlement to object.

As for the statement of no light pollution, in these days of health and safety, a phenomenal amount of light will be required just to make it safe at night – more carbon pollution.

Malcolm and Val Reed