Why we’re objecting

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I was most concerned to read P Walker’s comments on the ‘smug and arrogant’ residents of Almodington in the Observer.

While it is true our community has fought passionately to stop the march of factory greenhouses on our patch, which also threatened the future nature, environment and economy of the whole Manhood Peninsula, none of our community opposition has anything to do with Poles.

Together with a wide range of planning and environmental concerns, we mainly objected to the significant danger of a huge increase in heavy lorry traffic that the glasshouse scheme would have generated on our inadequate country lanes.

Indeed, this first stage of glasshouse development – equivalent to 45 international football pitches, covered with 20ft-high glass buildings with an unlimited production capacity – would have jammed up all local roads to the A27 with an equally-unlimited increase in lorry traffic.

They would all have gone through Donnington, on already-congested roads, which would be no fun at all for Mr Walker’s neighbours.

I agree with Mr Walker on one point, though.

I share his respect and affection for the Polish community who add so much to our national life, and to whom we owe so much for their courage and sacrifice in the last war.

The Polish community is welcome in Almodington, but not the factory glasshouses.

Take care, Mr Walker, that you do not cut off our noses to spite your neighbours’ faces.

JC Reid,