Why is it Littlehampton vs Bognor Regis?

HAVING moved to Arun District 15 years ago from Gloucestershire I have often been puzzled by the regular Bognor Regis vs Littlehampton (and vice versa) whining that perpetuates, particularly in relation to Arun District Council.

In his letter Ian Harris demonstrates the pointless futility of such repetitive nonsense.

He implies that the town council tax precepts favour Littlehampton, whereas each town council is individually responsible for setting this precept over which Arun has no control.

I can assure Mr Harris Littlehampton residents are far from happy having to pay £100 more than their Bognor counterparts. Mr Harris should also note that the building of the new Asda store is in Ferring Parish Council’s area and has nothing to do with Littlehampton.

What is clear is that residents of all areas in Arun are far from happy with Arun District Council and perhaps if residents of both towns focused on this, working together, we may be able to persuade Arun District Council to act in the interests of us all.

Mike Dunne

Maltravers Drive, Littlehampton