Why are toilets shut?

I AM WRITING in disgust that the well-used and clean toilets at Marine Park Gardens have just been closed without any apparent consultation from the council who are supposed to be looking after its residents and the reputation of the town.

This is a lovely part of the town and seaside and there is a nice cafeteria which is well used.

In addition there is the putting green on Marine Park Gardens which is also well used.

This also has refreshment facilities.

At a time when people are cutting back financially this should be an excellent time for the council to encourage tourism into the town and not discourage it.

In 1893 Bognor Regis was described as ‘a quiet little place of eminent respectability and unimpeachable sanitary record’.

In 1934 Marine Park Gardens were built and served the community until now.

We are all aware of the negative publicity circulating with regards to Bognor Regis.

I myself have continence issues and I am not old, so the elderly and the young have to make a long trek to the nearest toilets (and why are they allowed to remain open?)

The decision to remove these toilets at this time is nothing short of scandalous.

The councillors responsible for this decision should hang their heads in shame.

And all for £7000!

After all, toilets are a necessity and not a luxury.

Cheryl Haines

Carlton Avenue, Rose Green