Why are they trying to destroy the Picturedrome?

SO Arun are yet again trying to drive the Picturedrome out of business.

How bizarre that Bognor councillors will not be allowed to have a say in the matter of the redevelopment of Bognor.

Surely the argument follows that Arun should also be barred as they have a vested interest in the killing off of one of Bognor’s best attractions.

Do they have shares in the Chichester cineplex? Leave well alone; if you must spend our taxpayers’ money then why not be more imaginative and build an ice rink or bowling alley on the site of the hideous Regis disaster?

Where is the justification? Where is the extra footfall coming from?

The Picturedrome is adequately full and cost-effective and we have never not been able to get a seat.

Where are the extra people with all the extra money coming from to pay megaplex prices? Our cinema suits Bognor and prices are very reasonable.

Is there a way to have a referendum about who runs Bognor as this shower have surely run their course.

Let us get rid of them before they completely ruin our town in favour of their Littlehampton.

Mr and Mrs Kent

Sunnymead Close, Middleton on Sea