Which route for A29?

IN A previous letter I asked for some clarification as to why Arun DC had made their choice for the preferred route for the improved A29.

Since then Councillor Bower and planner Karl Roberts have made statements that have left me even more confused. Both stated a reason route D was preferred was that it connected better to Barnham.

Am I mistaken or were the council’s previously stated reasons for the project to provide a better connection between Bognor and the A27 and take through traffic out of the villages? A brief look at a map suggests the proposed route does neither and never will.

I have nothing against Barnham, but £20m to better connect it to Bognor seems excessive and, if this option is a little cheaper, it is probably because it only does half the job.

So I still have no answers as to what was wrong with the consultants’ recommended route as it seemed to satisfy all the councils requirements.

Robert Nunn

Hook Lane,