What steps can be taken

That does it!

The Bognor Regeneration sub-committee Conservative majority votes to ignore the petition signed by 10,868 Bognor Regis residents and to tell all Arun councillors to take no notice of the petition when they make the final vote.

Does that mean they will also tell the Arun councillors to ignore the results of the public consultation which is certain to reflect the mood in Bognor which is dismissive of the St Modwen scheme?

Or will the report from the consultation be so massaged that the impression is given that we are all waiting with glee for the blocks of flats to go up on the seafront, for chunks of the car-parking availability to be swallowed up, for more small shops and restaurants to go to the wall in other parts of the town centre where potential customers are unable to park nearby?

The subcommittee is determined to ignore the views of Bognors Town Council, the Civic Society, and anyone else who disagrees with the St Modwen mantra that all the development hinges on the acceptance of the multiplex cinema.

It is perfectly obvious that the Arun District Council regeneration subcommittee is no good for Bognor Regis, and the sooner steps can be taken for a new district cCouncil to be set up for Bognor Regis and its surrounding parishes the better, so that local people can make their own decision about what Bognor Regis needs.

Meanwhile St Modwen is pulling out all stops to put its side of the argument, with door-to-door canvassers throughout the town, special wraparound publicity for the local newspaper, and who knows what inducements to swing the decision their way.

What steps can be taken to break away from the ADC?

David Howard

Oakwood Gardens

Bognor Regis