What a clever way

What a clever way to collect parking fines from 21 motorists?

I’m sure Nigel Lynn of Arun Council must be very proud of himself.

In October notices were put up on both sides of The Steyne gardens, Bognor, to stop motorists parking there on two consecutive days from 7am to 6pm due to work being carried out.

On the first day, I watched as two workmen arrived at 9am to re-paint the lines.

They had finished by 10.30am.

An eleven-hour parking ban for just one-and-a-half hours’ work!

They did not, in spite of what Mr Lynn says, need to return.

In fact, I truly doubt whether the work was really necessary in the first place, as the lines had been perfectly clear before.

Knowing work had been done on the first day, I thought it safe to stop there for exactly five minutes as I delivered someone’s dog to a flat in the Steyne.

As I returned to my car, I found a parking ticket had just been stuck on my windscreen.

I explained to the attendant I had no intention of parking as I had only stopped for five minutes.

A short time later I saw my neighbour looking extremely upset.

He had also been given a ticket for the few minutes he left his car to go into his flat to collect his disability card.

Two elderly people, one 85 and the other now 90 years old, treated in this disgusting manner.

A £35 fine for a just a five minute stop?

I find it heartless.

Once work was completed notices should have been removed but instead, fines were slapped on to a total of 21 cars, despite many of them paying £40 per year for the right to park there.

Sylvia Deedman

The Steyne

Bognor Regis