We welcome your views

In last week’s letters, Mr Turner invited the public to write to him about the proposals in the draft Local Plan for development near Barnham.

Arun District Council is keen to encourage to as many people as possible to comment on the proposals in the plan and therefore anybody intending to write to Mr Turner or the parishes is also encouraged to write to the council.

In his letter Mr Turner understandably raises concerns about both the principle of the proposals and the possible impact that the development might have.

At this stage the proposals are only in the form of a broad concept which is intended to provide for a bridge crossing of the A29 as part of the strategic vision for the district as a whole.

The particular option for this new road shown in the draft Local Plan is likely to offer better linkages to Barnham itself and offer the best chance of securing the scale of new development needed to pay for this and other key infrastructure in the area.

Should the council decide to support the proposals in principle then further work will be required to show how the new community works in its own right but also brings benefits to the surrounding villages.

If you live in the ‘six villages’ we would very much welcome your views on what is being proposed and how you think this proposal could improve your own


For more information about the Local Plan and how to make a comment visit www.arun.gov.uk/localplan or call 01903 737698

Karl Roberts

Arun District Council Assistant Director for Planning and Economic Development