We’ve been let down

AS an old person I am disgusted with what the politicians have done to Britain since the war.

We were promised a better future with better living conditions and more free time to spend with our families.

It is no excuse for the politicians to blame the other parties.

They’re all to blame for the mistakes they have made.

My concern today is with the people who have been made redundant because of the cuts in government funding, which has an effect on private employers.

I am very sorry for the people who have always worked and paid their taxes and want to work if there was work they can do.

You cannot expect someone in middle age, who has worked in an office, to do a labouring job.

It is not physically possible.

MPs of all parties are not going to listen to them individually.

They will have to join together to tell their MP that, if they want their votes in the future, they must create more employment in things we can make grow ourselves, instead of importing it.

It is up to you the unemployed who want to work to get together.

Do not let the politicians beat you. Show some old British spirit and get together.

W Wolforth,

West Meads