We should be supporting Bognor

I don’t often write to the local paper but felt I had to after the damning article which featured on the front page of the Observer last week.

Having lived in Bognor for five years now, I am fed up with hearing how awful our town centre is.

We have shoe shops, clothes shops, jewellers, food stores, gift shops, coffee shops and cafes, banks and building societies plus a twice-weekly market and two hours’ free parking.

What on earth do people want from a local shopping centre?

I realise we don’t have the ‘coveted’ Marks & Spencer, but we are a small seaside town, not a big city like Chichester, and I think the constant comparisons are unfair.

Come on Bognarians, it’s about time we started to support our town rather than constantly slating it.

Mrs West

Bognor Regis