We need posties like our Malcolm

Our postman at Elmer Sands is called Malcolm; he has been serving our community for seven years, during which time we have always been on first-name terms.

Not only has Malcolm represented the Royal Mail with an exceptionally high standard of service and loyalty, but also through the personal care and attention he has shown he has become a friend and trusted member of our community.

While collecting signatures for a petition to ask the Royal Mail to reconsider its decision to remove Malcolm from his duty at Elmer, we have been told many anecdotes which illustrate why we do not want to lose him.

The most touching story came from an older gentleman living on his own who related how his daily exchange with Malcolm, regardless of whether he has mail or not, is the only contact he sometimes gets with the outside world.

Every resident had something positive to say about Malcolm and his ever-cheerful nature and willingness to provide an unbeatable service.

We strongly believe the Royal Mail should value and be very proud of the service that employees like Malcolm are providing.

It takes years to build up the trust Malcolm has with the public and he should be allowed to continue to build on his achievements.

We hear constantly about the government’s vision of the Big Society where individuals and communities have more power to create a better neighbourhood.

We have a good neighbourhood, we have a good community which is very much dependant on people like Malcolm who serve it.

It would be a great pity if the Royal Mail diminishes something which is such a precious commodity in this day and age.

Kim Edden, Lindi Howard and Linda Smith,

residents of Elmer Sands