We need free parking

Paul Dendle’s letter in last week’s Bognor Regis Observer, ‘Parking: the facts’, confirms he has six full-time and four part-time enforcement officers at his disposal, but not all necessarily working at the same time in the same area.

According to Kevin Smith’s previous article, they are, however, managing to issue 343 penalty charge notices a month around Bognor, of which 4,000 have been issued in the past year and it is feared the volume of penalty charges could drive motorists away.

The illustration in Kevin’s article shows car-park charges starting at 70p for the first hour and that applies, as far as I know, to the majority of car parks in the town.

It is not convenient for the majority to use Fitzleet where it seems there is a concession, although I don’t think it is indicated in advance.

Judging by recent statements, the so-called free-parking period now being considered might only apply to certain allocated spaces in Fitzleet, whereas all the talk previously has implied there would be a general free-parking period for a limited time throughout the town, similar

to elsewhere.

The point Paul Dendle should appreciate is Bognor lacks the attractions of other towns in the immediate area and charging for car parking and issuing parking fines willy-nilly, left right and centre, is hardly the way to attract people into the town.

Chichester has free parking on Sundays. Both Rustington and Littlehampton have a free period, whoever finances it.

So, stop the prevaricating and get on with introducing a period of free parking or otherwise you will find people will continue to go elsewhere.

John FK Dixon,