We don’t want Tesco

I AM absolutely disgusted the Rising Sun pub is to be replaced with a Tesco Express. How is it Tesco can just build a new store wherever they wish, without having to get planning consent, when if I wish to do any slight alteration to my home I have to go through the whole planning procedure?

Has any thought been given to the access to and from the site, at what is a very busy and dangerous stretch of road? Surely the comments from local residents and the parish council should be heard and taken account of before just suddenly turning up on site and starting work. There are already a number of convenience stores in the vicinity all of whom will struggle for business when the ‘giant’ arrives.

If Tesco wish to build, why do they not build on the new development away from the current area. I thought in your article the parish council voiced objections. What happened? The only indication Tesco were possibly going to have a store at the site was a few weeks

ago in an article in your paper.

The brewery were quoted as saying ‘they were seeking a change of use for the building’. It now appears

the shop is not a change of use. Perhaps someone could explain how that is so!

Bring back the Rising Sun! The White Horse has also closed along with others around the area. We are just playing into the hands of these big corporations and feathering their nests. What can we do to stop this outrage?

Paul Beard

Van Gogh Place,

North Bersted