We do not need another cinema

I think everyone will be pleased that the regeneration scheme has been resurrected again.

But we do not need another cinema in this town.

The Picturedrome is a lovely cinema which the whole town fought hard to keep and protect, the town council spent a lot of money to purchase it for the benefit of the town.

A multiplex cinema would kill it completely. We do not need a large multiplex cinema here; there is one in Chichester we can go to if that is what people want.

If there is the cash for something new, an ice rink would be far more appealing.

It would bring people in from far and wide as the nearest one is Brighton.

With Dancing on Ice back on television enthusiasm has been aroused again for ice skating.

Also why build a new food shop?

Morrisons is going to be expanded and Sainsbury’s already started – how much food can people buy?

The council turned down Asda which would have been very popular in this town as their prices are far more reasonable than Sainsbury’s are.

So let’s keep the Picturedrome and Morrisons as they are.

Sheila Gibbons

Linden Road, Bognor Regis