We are always looking to improve the Picturedrome

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As the manager of the Picturedrome Cinema for the past 28 years, I am dismayed that Mr Shelton should publicly state that it is ‘badly run’.

Can you kindly inform me as to when this occurred, which film you saw and what there was about the running of this business that led you to making this potentially damaging and defamatory remark?

Equally, if you have some suggestions as to how we could better run our business, perhaps you would share them?

We continually strive to improve the venue and the customer experience with staff training and investment and for you to make this statement in the local newspaper is potentially very damaging to our business. As a business owner yourself, I am sure you understand our concerns.

It would therefore be most helpful to hear about your experience so that we can investigate any complaints and attempt to rectify them.

Chris Allsopp

Manager, Picturedrome Cinema