We are all squeezed

IT IS not often I agree with Keith Newbery but in his editorial of last week about the ‘squeezed middle’, he got it spot-on.

The ordinary people of this country, the man in street, the couple in the local, are upset with the political elite who preside like majesty over us.

However I wonder just how much more upset they might be if they knew more.

To Keith’s list of injustices one could add the £15bn the rich people of this country ‘avoid’ in tax and how this barely gets a mention, attention preferring to be given to the £1.2bn benefit fraudsters.

Alongside this, how come 1,000 bankers are facing court in the US and 300 in Ireland for their parts in the financial meltdown, but no-one in this country stands charged?

Why is this, one might ask?

Well, put simply, most of the bankers in question went to the same elite schools as the 21 millionaires in the Cabinet and these same individuals are responsible for majority of the donations to the Conservative Party. So of course David and his lot just have to look the other way.

Whether Middle England wakes up and spots this is another matter.

The influence of the political elite is near all-pervading and, given the self interests at stake, I am not so sure the realities of this country will be recognised.

That said, if they are, I suggest those who have presided over this grand deception should watch out.

This might not be Libya, but I think the good and proper people of this country will not be taken for mugs.

P West,