Was front page necessary?

While I fully agree with the necessity for tough action to be taken against dog-owners whose pets foul pavements around Bognor Regis, was it really necessary to make this the front page headline in the Observer? Councillor Oppler’s statement that the amount of dog’s mess is increasing ‘day by day, week by week’ will give any potential visitor the impression that the streets of Bognor Regis are indeed paved with dog’s mess and put them off ever considering a visit to the town.

A picture and article about the 3,000 people enjoying the Jubilee celebrations in Hotham Park alongside Bognor’s Royal connections, and/or pictures and story of the wonderful production of Beauty and the Beast at the Regis Centre on the front page would have done far more for Bognor’s image than stories about dog’s poo!

Ken Scutt RVM

Nyewood Lane,

Bognor Regis