Wardens do top job

RE ‘COMMUNITY Wardens help recycle’.

It was good to read the recent article about the work of the community wardens, especially their environmental activities about which I can add a little detail.

Since 2007 the local wardens have helped maintain a steady flow of tops to and from the collection point outside St Paul’s Church, Chichester for recycling.

They regularly collect up saved tops from care/residential homes in the city, involving junior wardens.

They also provide large purple recycling sacks which are essential for holding the constant influx of masses of small household contributions ; on average ten filled sacks per week are taken away in the recycling firm’s lorry.

Due to the variety of plastic used as bottle tops the council’s contractor is unable to extract the reusable from the rubbish ones so that the 13 tonnes collected via St Paul’s so far would all have become landfill waste costing an estimated £720 in tax.

A further £700 has been donated by the recycling firm to Chestnut Tree House from the sale of this plastic that gets reused to make fleeces or garden furniture or more bottle tops.

Martin Cooke

Parklands Road, Chichester