Wake up Chichester

Of course I agree with Duncan Barkes (Observer, February 21) – buy food from local farm outlets and you are quids in, healthier too.

And you’re also supporting a valuable local industry as well, so we can all prosper.

One that’s probably unique of anywhere in the whole country.

We use almost exclusively Runcton farm shop for quality vegetables and other food they grow themselves, so we know it’s really fresh, healthy stuff.

And with a quality butchery that tells you which nearby farm he buys his meats from.

There’s also Adsdean farm shop at Funtingdon too, who has his own cows and pigs and butchers and hangs the stuff himself, with great frozen meats straight for your freezer as well.

And again, much cheaper than these god-awful supermarkets here who now it seems poison us with poisoned horsemeat, processed rubbishy yuck, as real meat.

Wake up Chichester – you’ve quality here for a really low price right on your doorstep.

Use these outlets so you’ll be certain you can save cash, buy in the flavours and the quality, and support these guys.

Tony Spillard

St Agnes Place