Vouchers used not just in Chichester Observer

Could the Bognor Regis Observer explain to its readers why, for the second year running, it is offering each week 20p off vouchers for the Chichester Observer, but not the Midhurst and Petworth and Bognor Regis editions?

Is a 20p reduction thought sufficient to encourage the readers of the Midhurst or Bognor Regis papers to switch to the Chichester Observer edition?

Last year I wrote to the editor to ask why your offer had been designed in such a way, and Colin Channon responded to say the vouchers were valid against all local editions, not just the Chichester one.

However, last year and this year, my local newsagent explained he could not accept the voucher against anything other than the Chichester Observer because the agent who supplies him with the papers refuses to accept them.

Quite rightly, as the voucher clearly says Chichester Observer, and not the others.

I presume the Observer series has used the same template as last year to create this year’s vouchers, thus repeating the problem.

I would like to say that faced with this obvious partisanship by the Observer towards its Chichester customers, I will no longer buy the paper.

Sadly, I have instead just subscribed to enable me to get an even bigger saving than 20p a copy, and the vouchers will no longer be relevant to me, no matter which local edition the Observer is pushing at the expense of the others.

JM Vaughan

Bognor Regis

Our vouchers are redeemable everywhere and for all Observers – if there is confusion on the part of the newsagents, we can only apologise.

We will be printing new vouchers, which make this 100 per cent clear, shortly.

Colin Channon