Union in His eyes

AS in any good sermon, may I be permitted to make three brief points?

Firstly, the news about the 30mph speed limit through West Dean justifies the case for variable speed limits.

I have used the A286 for the past 27 years and have to state that I have never seen pedestrians along the West Dean stretch; perhaps the odd person waiting for a bus but that is all.

To have a low limit for 24 hours a day is madness when it is only needed for two hours, Monday to Friday, for 39 weeks of the year.

I heartily agree with the police who would did not support it.

In fact when many years ago it was dropped to 40mph I was at a loss to know why – perhaps to defend the college exits?

Secondly, as an ex-Philips employee, I get very annoyed when I see it spelt with two Ls many times in your classified ads.

Congratulation to your reporter who spelt it correctly in last week’s edition, but a slapped wrist to the sub-editor who added the second L!

Thirdly, Mr Barkes, a marriage is a union of one man with one woman, for life come thick or thin.

Here ends my sermon, sorry, rant!

Revd John Collins,

Exeter Road, Chichester