Two sides to every story

I fear your standards have dropped in proportion to your page size.

I refer to your apparent reprinting of a house builder’s press release regarding their exhibition of their conceptual plans for the Brooks Nursery site in Barnham.

The event was held on September 11 – was this news on October 4?

Were any residents’ opinions sought or printed?


Was the rejection on appeal of a previous planning application for the site mentioned?


Were any of the developers’ comments interrogated or queried?


Is this a balanced article of journalistic merit?


Is a biased, one-sided view presented?


Your correspondent did not even spot the rather unusual feature of this speculative development, an underground sewage works, because the site would not be connected to the already inadequate sewage system in Barnham.

This particular innovation would not stop the possibility of flooding, which has already been seen to become worse in this area since new houses have been built in gardens behind Downview Road.

There are two sides to every story.

Please consider them both in future.

Ian Truin

Barnham Road