Too much NHS fear

MY MOTHER, Mrs Mary Webster, has just passed away aged 91 in Frimley Park Hospital.

I am writing to you because she believed everything she read in the newspapers about the NHS and was terrified of being ill.

She had two strokes on July 16 and 18, which affected her badly, paralysing her lefthand side and

her ability to swallow, but her treatment in the hospital and

as a NHS patient was excellent in every way.

She had the first six weeks in the stroke recovery unit where she had intensive nursing and physio. She was kept spotlessly clean, had every need attended to and even had her hair done by one of the nurses. She was then transferred to the geriatric ward where the high standard of care continued, in spite of rumours to the contrary. After 11 weeks it was her decision alone to discontinue the tube feeding.

I am one of her three daughters who was given almost constant access. It didn’t matter what time of day we turned up, we were treated with patience and good manners by the staff and we never, in 11 weeks, saw a single example of neglect or indifference whether we were there at 9am or 9pm.

When she decided that she had had enough, we were offered a side room, truly compassionate palliative care and two reclining chairs so that we could stay with her.

I would like this letter to be printed as a tribute to all the staff who helped her and to give some hope to other old people, myself included, who are constantly bombarded with horror stories about our hospitals.

Carole Kinross,

East Beach Road,