Toilet closures

I WRITE regarding what I feel is the incomprehensible actions of district council officials and, sadly, those of our elected councillors.

We are told there was trouble with persons urinating in a perfectly sound shelter at the Butlin’s end of the promenade.

After complaints from adjacent flat-owners, the council voted to knock down this sound and excellent Bognor Regis facility at a cost of £8,500 and replace with another shelter.

We await to find out the cost of this new shelter and how its misuse will be controlled by design.

In the meantime the police have properly taken action to rectify the misuse and one of the offenders has been given by the court an ASBO that denies access to the promenade.

Now it has been decided to close the toilets in Marine Park Gardens.

Children, and even the elderly, will have to walk the full length of Marine Park Gardens, cross the road at a dangerous roundabout and use the toilets in West Park.

All for the lack of £6,000, £2,500 less than the demolition costs of the perfectly good shelter and the added cost of a new shelter.

For a council that prides itself on good health and safety standards, I wonder what effect the possible death of a child at the roundabout will have?

The closing of Marine Park toilets may be followed by the public using the shelter to the west side of these toilets to relieve themselves.

Councillors and officials will then vote to pull the whole complex down, a building I have known and loved since 1939.

If these stupid actions by our elected councillors and paid officers remain unchallenged we will all have Bognor Regis facilities removed to save costs and we will end up as a ghost town and devoid of visitors.

If, in this modern age, we cannot afford proper toilets, we should be planning to copy undeveloped countries in remote parts of the world and dig holes to the sewers and put partitions around them.

Wake up Bognor Regis, use your phones, emails and letters to ensure it is understood that we strongly object to the creeping removal of all we hold dear and really need to keep our cherished town alive.

RBB Jones

Victoria Drive, Bognor Regis