Time was limited

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I WOULD like to reply to Mr Ayling’s letter regarding the Civic Society’s meeting in 2007 (Observer, May 12).

I also attended that meeting – in fact, I was sitting a few rows behind Mr Ayling when he made his contribution.

The chairman of the meeting had already made it clear to everyone, except Mr Ayling apparently, that as a lot of people wished to speak on the subject, and to give as many as possible that opportunity, a time limit would be imposed with a light on the top table to indicate when their allocated time was up.

Mr Ayling rose to speak, went down the gangway, turned his back to the top table so he could not see the light and addressed the meeting.

He carried on speaking well past the allotted time thus taking more time from those wishing to speak.

In fairness to everyone else, Mr Coster was forced to stop Mr Ayling from continuing this. In my book, this was the right and proper thing for the chairman to do.

I should like to point out that every other speaker, including those on the top table, honoured the chairman’s directive.

Mr Ayling was on the wrong track anyway. It wasn’t the high-frequency transmission causing the health problems, it was the very low-frequency carrier wave that was very close to the resonant frequency of the brain. This can cause varying degrees of illness to some people. That is as I understand it from others far more qualified than myself.

Far from castigating Mr Coster, he should be thankful there are still such people prepared to stand up and suffer the diatribes from the bigots of this world. Unfortunately, they seem to be on the increase.

DH Sansom

Lyon Street,

Bognor Regis