Time for a rethink

MR SEDDON’S letter appears to be telling us to stop making a fuss.

He has obviously not appreciated a single statement made by the people of Bognor Regis that we are not at all happy with the way we are being fobbed off with a list of uninspiring proposals many people have indicated they do not want.

We do not want consultation when St Modwen have produced a scheme – the 2007/2008 scheme was not well received – and so much has changed since then.

St Modwen and Arun should consult and listen to the people now, not in September, so that the plans come together for the good of the town and the people of Bognor Regis and not just for the potential tenants who Mr Seddon claims will be shaping the plans.

So, out comes the same old stuff from St Modwen, a multiplex, a supermarket and flats for students. Why are they not planning to accommodate students on the University campus?

In the meantime, Councillor Dingemans was reported as saying he wants to have the side wall of the Regis Centre knocked down to create a clear view between the town and the seafront.

When has anyone asked the people if that is what they want?

My guess is all that will be created would be a wind tunnel through the arcade and up the precinct.

Arun really does need to rethink their approach and involve local people now to help develop a creative regeneration for the town and not try to impose on us the soulless commercial scheme that is being put forward by St Modwen.

Mary Stanley

Sylvan Way,

Bognor Regis