Ticket nightmare

On July 4, I drove my mother to Morrison’s car park since we wanted to get her some shopping.

I stopped at the barrier, which was open, to get myself a ticket to park my car.

There were no tickets at the machine and no-one in the booth to help me so, as always, when this happens, I supposed I could park for free to get my shopping.

Not so.

My mother has been disabled of late by a broken arm and so I suppose I was distracted. Neither of us saw any signs that sprung out at us that we were doing wrong.

I have lived and shopped in Bognor Regis all my life and wasn’t prepared for the change.

We shopped in Morrison’s, spending over £100 between us, and left happy.

Ten days later I received a notice from a car-parking firm called Parking Eye. The camera had

caught my car on CCTV and I had been fined £80.

And, if this ticket isn’t paid

within 13 days, it goes up every day until it is paid.

How many people living here can afford that ?

My letter and my thoughts go out to all the elderly people of Bognor who may not know this new arrangement.

As luck would have it, I did keep my receipt to the store and so I imagine they will waive the fine. But I am annoyed Morrison’s has done this to Bognor rather than help the unemployed by keeping the successful booth open for their customers.

A fine of £80 is huge in this recession.

Another senior lady told me she had tried to purchase a ticket before shopping at Morrison’s and because the ticket machine was empty, she had to walk to the shop then back to her car to get the registration number before they would allow her to shop or park.

I shall no longer shop in Morrison’s.

Mandee Keeling

Murina Avenue,

Bognor Regis