Thsi talk of potholes

All this talk about potholes, not only our area but throughout the country so we are told, and if county councils repair them like the West Sussex units do then it will never be clear of them.

On the junction of my road and Orchard Way they repaired two to three holes last year (mainly one hole).

Some two weeks ago they arrived to do this one hole again, which was at least 150mm deep by 400mm wide, for a good two months.

What sort of mentality have these people got, surveyors or the workmen, as not one metre away is another considerable-sized hole which they have not done and has been there for the same amount of time?

It would or could be fatal for a motorcyclist hitting this any time.

All in all, an utter disgrace for the way they perform on these roads.

PG McGovern

Church Lane

South Bersted