Threat to cinema

COUNCILLOR Andrew Evans of Marine Ward appears to be ignorant of the facts surrounding the Picturedrome’s future.

Customers who visit the Picturedrome know full well the operator is not the town council.

Of course the profit goes to the operator.

What does Cllr Evans think St Modwen and Apollo are? Charities?

The rent paid by the operator is paid to the town council on a monthly basis and over time that will increase and the value of the business will go up, unless the multiplex comes along and closes it down.

It is a long-term investment for the council, but now at great risk of being a financial drain on them if the unpopular development goes ahead and that will mean a drain on the council taxpayers.

This brings me on to my second point: it is not the operator insisting it will close, he cannot speak about it since he is an elected councillor too.

It is a known fact that independent cinemas close when a multiplex opens.

An industry expert came to explain this in detail to councillors, officers and other organisations, but I understand no-one from Arun District Council was able to attend the meeting.

No wonder they are ignorant of the facts.

Film companies always favour a multiplex and will not distribute the same film to both cinemas in the same town on a first run basis.

There are solutions to solve this whole issue, but it appears currently no one in a position of power wants to listen to them.

Cllr Evans, I hope your colleagues have got the message and will do the right thing by the people who elected you.

Troy Turner

Rusbridge Close, Aldwick