Threat to Christians

TWO MOST recent court cases involving Christophobia (that of prayers before a council meeting, and the case of a couple who objected to unmarried people sleeping together in their B&B), prompts me to remind your readers of the part Christianity has played in the shaping of our United Kingdom as well as the rest of Europe.

Our heritage, culture and judicial systems are marinated in Christianity. There would be no Europe as we know it today had the siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Army, a Muslim army, been successful in 1683, yes AD 1683, 100 years after the Spanish Armada! The European army was an amalgamation of Christian states which then prevented us becoming a part of the ‘Arab Spring’ today. Is there the same courage to face the present covert invasions?

Further, it is worth reminding ourselves of what godless philosophies, those of atheist/secularism have brought, namely Nazism and communism, from Russia via China to North Korea.

Our Christian heritage and culture has given us such a rich and proud inheritance, sadly something the Big Society (ie materialism) will never provide.

John Hutchings

New Park Road,