Thoughtless owners

We in Manor Park would also like to extend our thanks to the dog walker who allows their pet to poo in the middle of the pavement leading up our road. It’s in the same place each time and obviously a small dog.

Also I am delighted to the owner of an obviously HUGE dog that had left its mark right outside the Lion pub the other night, which I narrowly avoided by the skin of my teeth!

I have written in many times before about thoughtless dog owners not cleaning up and have asked where the dog wardens are, but have still yet to see one – and more importantly to actually catch someone and FINE them! Dog fouling in Pagham just gets worse and worse but nothing is done.

Perhaps a question a person should ask themselves before purchasing a dog is: Am I prepared to clean up after it? If the answer is no, then get a hamster or pet mouse or something. I am a dog owner by the way and ALWAYS clean up after him. In fact he is so used to it and expects me to do so that he very nearly hands me the bag!

Here’s hoping that our lovely village will be cleaner in future.

E Rowe

Manor Park,