There’s no need for another cinema

AFTER reading the article about the Picturedrome leaflets last week, I cannot believe people are not convinced that a multiplex cinema a short distance away, would kill off the Picturedrome.

I believe the leaflet to be full of facts the local people of Bognor Regis need to know so they can give their opinion.

After fighting for the cinema in 2010, and getting the local council to save the cinema for the local people, how would it not look like Arun District Council was trying to kill it off by putting in competition?

I have worked at the Picturedrome for ten years and I have seen the damage caused by Cineworld opening, and the fight we had to bring the customers back.

Cineworld is ten miles away, as opposed to the other end of town.

The experts Arun brought in undoubtedly do not live or work in Bognor Regis, so cannot give a true decision about what will and will not work.

After living in Bognor Regis for many years, I know the town would prosper more from providing other activities to keep the young and old physically and mentally active, not by providing people with something which they already have and fought to keep.

The Picturedrome is a friendly, low-cost, enjoyable place for everyone to enjoy. Not an impersonal building with no character or atmosphere which a multiplex brings.

As well as encouraging new people to visit our town, Arun needs to look at making the residents happy and want to stay.

Jade Samways

Rusbridge Close, Bognor Regis