There is more to life than just shopping

HORSHAM may have better shops, but there’s more to life than shopping!

Friends who live there bring their grandchildren here for Bognor’s superior climate and its seashore and beach, the light reflected off the sea, the wide marine horizon, the park, the prom, the marine gardens, etc.

We believe in Bognor’s potential and applaud efforts to improve the gateways to the town – the Sainsbury development on the A29, the attractive housing and improved roads at Felpham and North Bersted.

We believe the town’s children are important and hold the key to future prosperity, so welcome investment in schools and the university buildings for a 21st-century education.

We see Butlin’s new hotels attracting more and higher-spending visitors to the town and creating jobs.

We appreciate the multitude of clubs, societies and groups (art, craft, environment, faith, health, history, music, photography, Shakespeare readings, sports, theatre).

They give pleasure, foster friendships and improve our community.

It’s easy to moan and depress people – it’s harder, but much more satisfying to support those who are trying to improve the town.

Let’s look to the future rather than keep rehearsing the past.

That way the town will improve.

Jean and Peter Coles

Devonshire Road, Bognor Regis