Theatre show a beauty

BROS musical productions must be praised for their excellent show Beauty and the Beast which they put on at the Regis Centre in the Alexandra Theatre.

Beautifully sung, danced, and acted, all the way from beginning to end. If there were any hitches it never showed. I must applaud the speed and efficiency of the stage crew who had to deal with many quick scene and curtain changes.

The orchestra played superbly and were kept well under control by their very able conductor. The costumes worn by the performers were outstanding, and must have been quite a financial burden on the society’s funds.

This was an excellently produced and directed, delightful show, and so much nicer than The Full Monty rather tawdry show which the society produced at the Regis Centre last November.

Their next production in November, Chess, sounds interesting. I shall be there to see it!

C.E Nayler

Rowan Way,

Bognor Regis