The hope of residents

Councillor Dendle refers to the £40m development plan for Bognor Regis.

It is not clear how much of this money will benefit Bognor Regis residents.

It will certainly benefit the contractors.

The cost to the residents will be the loss of 250 town-centre parking spaces, the loss of the Regis Theatre for a prolonged unspecified period during re-development, more town centre congestion, and the promenade being turned into a car park.

I wonder from where the customers for the new cinema complex and restaurants will come.

Is the hope the residents of the new flats will provide this.

Access to the town from elsewhere in Sussex is already poor, and will be made worse by the addition of many more commuters, due to the lack of well-paid employment in Bognor.

What is needed for regeneration of Bognor Regis is well-paid employment, not just supermarket till operators and hotel staff. The cash flow from well-paid residents will attract development without outside help.

I moved to Bognor in 1979 when Rosemount Engineering was expanding, they eventually employed over 400, there was Lec Refrigeration, Hago, and a large number of small engineering employers living as subcontractors of larger employers in Bognor, Chichester and Portsmouth.

All now gone, to be replaced by supermarket and catering jobs.

K M Wells

Bala Crescent