The fate of Bognor Regis

I only write this letter to put across my opinion on the fate of Bognor Regis.

I believe I represent a majority of people who like myself have children, work hard and obviously committed to Bognor by buying a property here.

I have no political agenda but would like to see Bognor dragged out of the gutter I think we are in.

I think Bognor should have its own council people who live in Bognor, deciding what goes on in the town.

As for the Regis Centre I think yes, something should be done with the site.

I have lived here 35 years and only been there a handful of times: it has nothing to offer.

A multiplex sounds amazing, as for a cinema, we have one – why get another one?

What’s wrong with an ice-skating rink or something we haven’t got already?

New shops would be nice but surely fill the empty shops in the High Street first.

Flats are inevitable, it doesn’t matter how much you moan, they will always build them but with development comes work and jobs, as long as they use local trades then we could all do with a little extra money.

Swansea Gardens is a waste of space; maybe not if you’re over the age of 60, but how many bowling greens do we need?

If you want to play tennis, go to a leisure centre.

It’s harsh but people really don’t know what the people of Bognor really want unless you ask them and that seems to be the ongoing problem with this town.

Lee Penson

Victoria Drive

Bognor Regis