The behaviour of students was a disgrace

On Saturday, March 23, I decided to visit Bognor Regis town centre to do some shopping. As a local resident it is very rare I venture into town, as I normally do my shopping elsewhere. I have never found the town very inspiring and I am in great favour of the long-awaited regeneration programme.

As I drove into the town centre, I became aware of a considerable number of college students in fancy dress walking towards the town; presumably this was an event organised by the local college. As I drove past the library a number of these individuals deliberately stood on the zebra crossing and prevented me from moving. I finally parked my vehicle in the local car park and walked towards the town centre to do my shopping .

As I approached the local supermarket I observed a number of students in the town. They clearly were the worse for drink and all the pubs were full. I was absolutely appalled by their behaviour, as they were shouting very loudly. It was very intimidating.

I then saw one of the students pull down his trousers and push his buttocks up against a coffee shop window. Another exposed himself outside the supermarket. I decided enough was enough and left.

I cannot understand how this event was allowed to go ahead. To allow these students to completely take over and abuse the town centre of Bognor is unacceptable. I thought there was a policy to discourage people drinking on the streets.

Chichester District Council would never allow such an event to take place, even though the same college resides there. Why is it once again the residents of Bognor have to endure this? Bognor Regis needs regeneration and I’m afraid the events of Saturday did not help this cause.

Graham Cox

Bognor Regis