Thanks to Aldwick

MY MEMORIES of a delightful stay in Aldwick this summer visiting my family are made even more enjoyable because of the service I received from two public agencies and the pleasure of an evening of entertainment provided by an amazing choral group.

As always on an extended trip to England, my homeland, I buy too much to put in my luggage for the trip back to the United States. So I end up at a post office somewhere with a parcel to mail to await my return to my home in North Carolina. I did that twice on my trip this summer, once at the post office in Rose Green. There a most helpful and knowledgeable blonde lady post office clerk took care of my mailing questions and offered the utmost assistance, making for a very happy experience. Since I had previously had a much less pleasant experience at a post office in west London, I was very grateful.

Similarly, at the nearby public library I encountered a very helpful librarian who took charge of my copying needs, which were many, when she saw me eyeing the copy machine as a mystery to be solved. Although I have used many copy machines, it is always a challenge when in a new place. And who knows how many coins I would have had to feed into this one to copy all my ancestry information. Another task completed with the utmost speed and efficiency by a library professional.

Lastly I was treated to a heart-warming, toe-tapping evening of song by the Revusicals, a choral group to which my 93-year-old sister has belonged for years. She is the most senior member of the group, of which the youngest is 52. The Revusicals regularly perform concerts in and around the Bognor area and surrounding villages, sometimes at retirement homes and senior citizen centres. The night I was there for their last concert of the year before their summer break, dozens of elderly men and women, some quite frail, came to have their spirits renewed by hearing once again well-remembered songs and some fairly new tunes, sung by men and women who clearly love to sing.

Alan Jackson, the conductor, and Pat Alderton, the pianist, are very accomplished musicians and the evening was a great success. The ladies and gentlemen of the choir pay a fee to belong to this prestigious group. The fee covers

the cost of their musical scores, thus allowing them to offer their concerts free to the public. What a gift they give to the community, while also enjoying themselves and sharing fellowship.

So, three very happy memories that add up to a glimpse of an enviable quality of life. Many thanks to the Aldwick community!

June Lancaster,

Fashion Lane,