Thanks from Rotary

I would like to express my gratitude to all who lined the route of the Bognor Carnival on Sunday, July 3.

The bucket collection by members and friends of the Bognor Rotary Club made a grand total of £1,375, which the club will distribute to local organisations and charities.

The Bognor Rotary Club is planning a further fundraising event on Saturday, July 30 at the south end of the London Road precinct, which we are calling the Golden Mile.

This is where we are inviting people to buy stickers and place them on a track printed on billboards.

If we can cover the majority of this track with stickers, local and international charities will benefit immensely.

Thank you once again from the Bognor Rotary Club and all its members.

David Cousins

Bognor Rotary Club president 2011/2012