Thank you

Thank you for our new Observer.

I was very interested and thrilled once again by the story of Rose Green by Gwen Stabler.

I would like to meet her.

She mentioned so much of that applied to me in my younger days.

I am a Rose Green girl.

I did an article of my days with Miss Joan Horforth’s Dancing School.

I was in the pantomimes 1945, 46, 47, 48, also my brother Graham.

Mark Simmons was my uncle, married to my mother’s sister.

We lived together in Hook Lane, Rose Green, during the war.

Also, Bert Clinch and his son, who used to deliver his coal every week in all weather, his coal yard was in Brent Road.

George Dalliston, the script writer and presenter, was a roof thatcher by trade.

Many good times were held in Rose Green Hall.

My late husband Ron, my friend Sheila (nee Simmons) and her late husband Brian went to social evenings and dances.

Gwen also mentioned Sefter School.

Me, my brother Graham and Colin Wilson attended this school.

We had classrooms with dividers, one heater, a small yard for our sport which we did in sleeveless vests, shorts and plimsolls about two shillings a pair.

The head teacher was Miss Power who rode her bicycle with her little dog behind her.

Our other two teachers were Miss Barker and Mrs Hemmingway.

All lived in Rose Green.

Unfortunately, Sefter School House is still there but the rest turned into flats.

I have lots of good memories and still know many of my friends from this school

Mrs SK Burford (nee Wilson)

Bridorley Close