Thank you

I would like to thank everyone concerned who helped my son Tim when he lost his car keys on the beach at Bognor Regis. Thank you to the gentleman who used his metal detector combing the beach and the people who gave up their time to look for them. Thank you also to the AA man who came out but couldn’t get the car started but rang me to let me know.

But my special heartfelt thanks go to the street pastor who sat with Tim and his girlfriend, gave them £10 for a coffee and actually gave up his jacket when he saw Stacey was shivering with the cold. When they asked how they could return his jacket, he said, “I have another at home, just hand it in to a charity shop”. What a Good samaritan!

If the gentleman involved would like to have his jacket returned, will he please contact the paper who can contact me. So take care with your keys.

Liz Barber

King George Gardens